Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rose and Don


 Rose, Don, Noah, and Eli at Holiday Junction

Going to visit Rose and Don was such a blessing for our whole family.  Noah and Eli, especially Eli have been asking for them ever since we moved.  Eli has been particularly funny.  I will ask him, what's your name?  E: No response Me: Is it Eli?  E: Shakes his head no with the orneriest grin, "No, Don."  This little boy LOVES Don!  So, cute!  Rose and Don are very special to us because they were the closest family we had while living in Hidden Valley.  They would watch the boys when we went out on date nights, come over for movie nights as a family, have a campfires with us, you name it!  We miss them as much as they miss us.  It was exciting being on vacation at their house!  We were able to do most of our our Cincinnati Holiday traditions including, Festival of Lights at the Zoo and Holiday Junction at the Museum Center.  Festival of Lights was absolutely magnificent this year.  The weather was warm and the lights were beautiful.  We typically follow the outside loop of the zoo and get back to our car asap because we are freezing.  This year, we were able to see the whole zoo!  What a treat!  And, I didn't have to keep track of mittens!!

  Holiday Junction is always such a treat, who doesn't like trains?  Once, we could pry them away from the train table we were able to have our special Christmas tradition together.  Keith went to UC, so of course he is a Bearcats fan.  Rose is a professor and works on the athletes in the training room as a physical therapist at UC, so now we are all Bearcat fans.  Check out the latest Bearcat apparel the Steineman boys are sporting.  They love it and they are pretty darling, if I do say so myself!


I have to admit, traveling one time for the holidays was so awesome this year.  Rose and Don mean so much to me, words can't even describe it.  They love our boys the way we love our boys and they have a special way of being there exactly when you need them.  I am so blessed to have extended family that loves me as much as my family does!

Naturally, Mom