Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our Shaklee Bonus Car

When we added Shaklee to our lifestyle, I had no idea where this was going to take us.  I've been able to continue being a stay at home mom while helping others have more energy, get off medications and improve their athletic performance.  And by teaching at least one person to do what I do...we earned our Shaklee Bonus Car!  I find it refreshing that Shaklee spends their advertising dollars for families to receive bonus cars instead of spending millions of dollars on Super Bowl commercials.  Are you wondering if achieving a bonus car is even 'real' for your family?  Give me a call or shoot me a message and I'll help you start evaluating if Shaklee is a good fit for you.  I dare you to dream a little.....   .....and a BIG Thank You to all of our loyal Shaklee users.  We are thrilled you are getting the results you are looking for and using the products to improve your life!

It was an awesome feeling to give Keith an opportunity to choose any car he'd like.  
He chose a fun, date night car!

Top 10 Reasons for Why I Choose Shaklee
10.  Shaklee conducts over 100,000 tests annually to ensure the safety and efficacy of our products.

9.  Each and every lot of Shaklee Products is 100% tested to ensure and guarantee that each and every ingredient that is part of our label claims is present in the appropriate amounts.

8.  Shaklee tests for up to 350 chemical contaminants, including pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, solvent residues; just to name a few.

7.  Each product is formulated with nutritional ingredients that have been extensively studied to confirm safety and efficacy.  Our products do not follow "fads", but incorporate scientific and/or epidemiologic evidence of need and benefit.  

6.  Shaklee is climate neutral certified.  They completely off set all the carbon dioxide emissions and leave a zero effect foot print on the Earth.  Plus, they are leaders for protecting every cell in our bodies with the products our scientists create and protecting this wonderful world our Creator gave to us.

5.  Shaklee has an unwavering commitment to avoid the use of artificial flavors, sweeteners, and added preservatives.

4.  Shaklee devleoped many of the standards and protocols for manufacturing that are now referred to as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

3.  Ongoing proof of our product performance is demonstrated by:
-Over 100 scientific publications, 90-plus in peer-reviewed journals
-The Landmark Study, the only study of its kind, which showed that people who took Shaklee supplements over a period of 20 years had markedly better health than both the single multi-vitamin and non-supplement users
-Shaklee products powering athletes to win 125 medals
-Shaklee products fueling world explorers, 7 of Time-Life's "Greatest Adventures of All Time," and NASA Shuttle astronauts with a special re-hydration product (called Astro-Ade).

2.  Shaklee Businesses Build Generational Wealth-that's right, a Shaklee business can be willed to the next generation.

1.  I can stay home with my kids while bringing an extra stream of income into the household.

It is also cool to see how excited our kids get and how quickly they understand that this is a family business where we all work together.

~Naturally Mom