Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tracking Your Own Success

In order to meet your fitness / lifestyle goals, you have to “know yourself”. Know what you will struggle with, what will help you get through the struggles, what areas you can improve on, what your goals are, and you need to know what foods and exercises work for you!
MANY people start a fitness/weight loss program. Whether they succeed or not sometimes can be due to planning and accountability.
The difference between success and failure is knowing oneself. It’s knowing when times get tough, you know what to do to push through, how you should eat to make lifestyle changes, know what exercises will change your bodies and know what motivates you to keep going – PERSISTENCE!
If you are having trouble reaching your goals, here are some simple steps to ensure you reach success:
1. Keep a Food Log – one of the most effective strategies to weight loss success. At the end of every week, check to see if you were successful and then look back to see what was working and what wasn't working and make the needed changes.
2. Measure Each Week – have someone measure you, or do it yourself. Take your thigh, chest, arm, waist and hip measurements. Just because the scale doesn't move, doesn't mean you aren't losing fat or inches. Try to do at the same time, same day, same measurement tool and track your results along with the food journal to see if you are moving closer to your goal or further away.
3. Track your workouts – write down how much you did, how much time you invested, how many reps and sets if using weights, how long it took you and how much rest you took. You should be increasing intensity and begin increasing weights when comfortable. Push yourself. You should be getting stronger and recovering quicker.
How many times are we discouraged because we don’t see results? Are you using these tracking tools? Chances are you may be skipping a workout, or not using enough intensity OR you aren’t meeting your diet requirements. See where you can improve and where you fell short on your program.
If you messed up, no worries, move on. Your next meal still counts so make it a great decision.
As always we love to hear from our readers so comment below answering:
What has helped you succeed?
To Your Health, 
Naturally Mom and Dad

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Workout Shoe Health

How to Pick the Right Shoe for your piggies!!!

ShoesIf you’re like me, the tendency when shopping for workout shoes (or any shoe for that matter!!) is to first go by the look – the color, design, etc! But how my feet feel in those shoes are what matters most. So what’s the secret to finding the right shoe?
Shop for workout shoes late in the day because that’s when your feet are the largest! Be sure there is a half inch of space in front of your longest toe. You should also be able to easily wiggle your toes. Compare the shoes with your bare feet. If each shoe isn’t noticeably wider and longer than your foot, try a half-size bigger shoe.
And the best of both worlds is when you find the right-fitting shoes that look great too!
We LOVE to hear from our readers!!!  Share in the comments where you go to get your athletic shoes.
Mom and Dad