Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Enjoying the Outdoors, Breathing Easily, and no more Snoring!

Spring is here!  And coming right around the corner is pollen.  We have been hearing reports that the pollen counts are going to be exceptionally high this year......and so we hope Keith's story comes a blessing to you or a loved one.

My story started when I was around 4 years old.  My Mom took me outside and we played in the grass.  The next morning when I woke my eyes were sealed shut.  And the process of finding relief began.  I had allergy shots, tried different meds; you name it.  And hear me out, they offered some relief for which I am grateful.


Fast forward a few years and my wife was introduced to Shaklee.  We learned that people have been finding wonderful relief after starting a Shaklee program and changing their lifestyle habits.  I was listening because while Claritin and Zyrtec would take the edge off; I was still miserable.  I didn't want to go outside for a walk with my family during allergy season because my head would ache, my eyes would feel tired and itchy, and I'd snore that night.

We had changed our eating habits and I added the Shaklee 'basics' of a box and 2 cans to start building healthy new cells during the winter.  Then, when spring approached and I was starting to feel miserable, Laura gave me a gentle shove toward the allergy relief program.  Of course, I was skeptical especially when I'm allergic to one of the products!  I hesitantly followed the program and I can now enjoy walks with my family, mow grass without having to feel miserable later (I still do shower immediately afterwards!)  Plus, I no longer snore.  Thank you Shaklee!

Here is a link from WebMD for every day allergy relief.

Here I am two years later and I can enjoy hayrides and outside activities with my kids!