Thursday, February 12, 2015

Questions to Ask When Starting a Home Based Business

I started being a 'stay at home mom' in June of 2008, and I haven't looked back.  That first year was the hardest because I LOVE teaching.  I really missed it.  Still, I was super happy to be at home with Noah and pretty soon, Eli also, and then a few years later, Anne.  During that time I realized, stay at home moms are a target market for home based businesses.  I was approached by quite a few and said no thanks......and I meant it.  I didn't want a home based business, raising my kids is a full time job......And it TOTALLY is a full time job.

And then something changed in 2011, I was introduced to Shaklee.  And hear me out, I still didn't really want a home based business.  As I learned more, I realized this could be a vehicle to make things happen.  I explored some ideas.  Should I just use the products, should I causally share them with others or should I focus on making small simple steps each day that could create a legacy that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Let's face it, there are hundreds of home based business options and many are really nice companies.  Many of the financial gurus out there are on board with multi level marketing being the business of the 21st Century and the more I dive into how this works, the more excited I get.  A person gets paid once he/she has helped someone else.  I resonate with this concept because I feel the Lord calls us to help others.  I felt confused in the beginning about who to trust and if this was even a good   In order to help others swim through the murky, confusing waters, I created a checklist of questions every person should ask themselves before partnering with a company to create an extra stream of income.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Brand Partner
1.Does it have daily consumable products? 
Are your customers going to have products that they can use from sun up until sun down?  In Shaklee, we have over 200 products.  We start out the day taking a shower using shampoo, conditioner, body wash and then applying deodarant.  Then we move into breakfast with a protein smoothee and daily vitamins for building health, plus supplements for targeted solutions.  Next, back to the bathroom for our skin care needs because all want to protect and hydrate from any sun damage and reduce wrinkles from happening.  Finally, I hope everyone cleans their home, washes laundry and does the dishes.....I'm sure you can see how having a diverse portfolio of solutions just makes sense.
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Plus, we have a unique 'Shaklee Difference' with the products.  Check it out here.

2.Does the company have a vision for where they are headed?
I am proud to be part of the vision to help people have their health span match their life span.  People are living longer and longer; just many times the last 10 or 20 years is not the quality most people would like.  Click here to see why supplementation is something each family should explore.  
Roger also has the vision for Shaklee to be the first company to receive a Nobel Peace Prize for its good works to improve the world.
AND....I just found out this morning that Roger shared is 100 year vision at the Masters Summit this past weekend and will be sharing it at Shaklee Live in Cleveland, Ohio this August (2015).

3.Is the company part of greater good?
Shaklee is a leader by being the first company to completely offset all the carbon dioxide emissions, even the CO2 from the delivery trucks bringing us our products!!  Shaklee is also part of the green movement with Wangari Maathai.
To name just one more, we have Shaklee Cares.  This brings products to the first hand responders of natural disasters that happen, such as tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, forest fires.....

4.What happens when you decide to ‘stop/retire’?  What happens to the organization you’ve created?  
Will you still have a residual income that comes in month after month even when you stop sharing?  In Shaklee, this is possible to create!
 Hear from some of Shaklee's seasoned leaders.

5.Does the partner company have leadership?  I am proud to be partnered with a billionaire who is working to relaunch a 60 year old start up..... Roger Barnett.

6.Does the partner company have longevity for stable and sustainable growth?  Shaklee was founded in 1956 by Dr. Forrest Shaklee, so almost 60 years!!

7.Does the brand partner have Blue Ocean Products (what does that mean, you ask)?  Blue ocean products are so unique that no one else can offer it.  Shaklee has FOUR!!!!
8.How early in the compensation plan can you earn a bonus car? 
In Shaklee, 2 rank advancements
9.How early in the compensation plan can you earn a luxury trip?
In Shaklee, 3 rank advancements
Our trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

10.Is the partner company's compensation plan unique?
In Shaklee bonuses can be earned to infinity!

11.  Is personal and professional growth available in a nurturing environment.

In which quadrant do you want to be?

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Thanks for taking your time to begin the exploration process of a home based business with me today.  Share in the comments what seems the most exciting about working from home.

~Naturally Mom