Sunday, November 18, 2012


Naturally Mom and Dad is our family's journey.  Our journey of faith, health, family, and love.  Enjoy our blog from "mom's perspective" and "dad's perspective"

Currently we are moving into our new home.  No wonder moving is rated high on most stress level indicators!  This has been both a faith filled experience along with many hair pulling moments.  We had put our home on the market in July of 2010....and it sold in August of 2012....yes you did the math right, that is 2 years!

As I am unpacking, my brain is so overwhelmed by all the work ahead.  However, something has changed in me over the past year that helps lift me out of the negative thoughts of more work than time.  I've learned to dream again.  My thoughts start going towards all the things I want to accomplish as I empty each box.  And, before I know it, the boxes are almost all recycled! 

Thanksgiving is a few days and my list of Thankful is so long this year.
A God who guides me and shapes my life exactly the way it should be.
A husband who is so loving, supportive and an awesome Daddy!
2 beautiful, sweet little boys who are anxiously waiting for ho, ho, ho to come!
A wonderful set a parents who housed my family for 3 months helped us move and so such more!
A wonderful set of in-laws who are so helpful and caring.  It was amazing how fast all the walls had 2 coats of paint with their hard work!
Great family and friends who have helped us in more ways than I can count.
The ability to dream again!!!




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