Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Holy Sweet Stains!!

There are hair pulling moments as parents.  And, about a month ago, I came home one evening from running errands to a medium sized purple stain on the carpet.  Keith tells me the boys spilled a berry berry smoothie on our plush beige carpet.  In my brain, I was yelling at the top of my lungs.  (Do you ever have the feeling, if I have one more mess???)  I took a deep breath and said, I will deal with it tomorrow.  I am beat.

So, I'm sure you are seeing the purple stain along with the green streak and smudges.  Yes, the saga continues!!  The next morning, MIC (Mom in charge), the boys found green paint and had a fun loving time! We have 'beautiful' paintings hanging on the fridge along with our perfect looking carpet becoming less and less perfect by the minute.  I paused to wonder how many times the widow who sold the house to us had to clean stains from the carpet.  I am guessing, not too many times....

I pulled out my Shaklee, Get Clean cleaners and started scrubbing!  Thank goodness I could use cleaners in the playroom that are nontoxic and I can feel rest assured the space would be safe when the boys would play in the room.  Now take a look at the dark spot of green.  That was one HUGE blob of green paint.

See my foot (I'm wearing gold flats.)  Right above my foot was where the green blob WAS!!!  So our carpets look as good as new.  And, hopefully we've learned our lesson:  WATCH the boys better when they have berry berry smoothies and get rid of the paint!!

(I used a Shaklee mixture!)

(Okay, so we'll still let them do painting projects.  Noah and Eli are lucky they are cute!)

Enjoying drinks in the kitchen!

Ironically, on the night I typed this blog, my friend Kara had a hair pulling 'mom' moment!  She said her kids were lucky they have Shaklee scour off!!!

~Naturally Mom and Dad
(P.S. Keith was glad I did the scrubbing!)

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