Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Indoor Park: A community project

Indoor Park

While living in Lawrenceburg (Hidden Valley) I had the awesome opportunity to bring the boys to a church that provided Indoor Park.  Basically, it is safe and fun place where parents can socialize and kids can play with toys and other children.  They would split a large auditorium in half with chairs.  One side had riding toys (tricycles, cozy coupe cars, mini slides, walking toys, big body activities) and the other side had kitchen workshops, tool workshops, large trucks, imagination spaces, and even a craft table.  This place was free of charge to any family!  What a blessing to have a place to bring my kids to burn off energy and I could talk to ADULTS!!!  Win, Win!!

With our move, I wanted my kids to have those opportunities to play with other kids and get out of the house.  With the zoo, children's museum, ect being a couple hours away now, I felt God calling me to start an Indoor Park in this area to serve as a ministry to the families living here and moving.  It is amazing how fast the word spreads, God love small communities.  So, we hadn't even made the second move (first move to my Mom and Dad's house until we found our new home), and I was invited to attend a New Neighbors meeting because they like my Indoor Park idea.  And, the rest is becoming reality very quickly.  Old neighbors welcoming new neighbors sums up the philosophy of New Neighbors of Southwestern Auglaize County.  I started pulling the Indoor Park TEAM together, and our space for Indoor Park was just approved today!  So exciting!!! So exciting, that it is almost midnight and I am still wide awake!  Toy donations are starting to pour into my inbox, so I feel we should be able to start Jan. 22nd.  Indoor Park will be held once a week on Tuesdays from 10am till 1pm at St. Paul United Church of Christ, NB.  Once the weather turns and it is nice, there will be scheduled outdoor park days once a week to substitute for Indoor Park.  

A big thanks to: 
St. Paul United Church of Christ-support and providing space
Southwestern Auglaize County Chamber of Commerce & New Neighbors of Southwestern Auglaize Co.
Indoor Park Ministry TEAM Members: Sara Kremer, Amy Woehrmyer, Donna Steineman, Linda Tinsley, Tracy Moeder, Bert McDermitt, & (I think another might be coming on board, I'll keep you posted.)
Anyone who donated toys!!

We are still growing our TEAM, so if you or anyone you know is looking to provide ministry to your community please contact me (419) 953-4887.  We'd love to explore if Indoor Park could be a fit for you.  Toy donations are still being accepted as well.

Indoor Park is free of charge for children ages 0-5 with a supervising adult.  Each adult is allowed to bring up to 5 children.  A registration form must be on file for each family during Indoor Park Season, if you are bringing someone else's child, please contact me because the registration form MUST be completed by the child's legal guardian.  We ask that each family donate a roll of paper towels and/or craft supplies.  (Thank You!)  *These guidelines were established to help Indoor Park run smoothly and be a positive experience for everyone.  Thank you for adhering to them.

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