Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Snow Days!!

 Snow Days!!

 And snow has arrived at our house!  It looks like a winter wonderland.  Noah and Eli are so excited.  I love days when I get to bundle my kids and take them out to sled and build a snowman.  It is awesome to feel like a kid again and live vicariously through them.

 It was awesome to shovel a flat driveway this year!!  Hidden Valley friends, you know what we are talking about.  And, our house came with a snow blower.  Laura would always say that we had already had one...

I had spent a good majority of the day removing snow at the shop and was relieved when I came home from work to see she had 90% of the driveway cleared.  She had figured out how to start it earlier that day and was really happy about how fast it went.  Right at the end, she ran out of gas, brought the kids in the house and said the rest was mine.  I could handle that small amount with a shovel!

  One of our best days hanging out in the snow was New Years Day.  We took photos of our gigantic icicle hanging from the gutter and then Noah knocked it down.  I really wanted to see if it would make it to the ground....darn kids!

Check out the huge icicle to the left of Noah!  It was a fun family activity to check how big it grew everyday.

The kids love being pulled in the sled and Laura & I tag teamed pulling them around the yard.  Of course, she is a kid too and wanted a ride.  How can I say no?  And, then they wanted me to take their picture making snow angels.  Eli was a riot, Laura put him in the snow and we told him to move his arms and legs.  So, he just started waving his hands in the air.  Too bad, we can't find our video camera charger (it went MIA in the move), because it would have made hilarious video footage.  Here are the snow angels:

Kids bundled in their snow gear, too puffy to move is about the cutest, funniest sight ever.  We'll have to get out and enjoy the snow a couple more times before the temps warm up this next week.  We'd love to hear about your too puffy in snow gear to move, snow day activities.  

-Naturally Dad

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